The premier trade show for the industry of home goods,
tableware, gifts and interior decorations!

Consumexpo moves to new dates

The 32nd edition of the Consumexpo International Exhibition for Consumer Goods
will now run on 21–25 November 2016!

In the current business environment all companies are trying to increase sales using allied industry sectors. Expocentre has researched demands and interests of its exhibitors and visitors and is now ready to introduce the Russian Week of Furniture and Home Goods.

Consumexpo 2016 will take place alongside Mebel 2016 to create the Russian Week of Furniture and Home Goods.

These two major events held together will engage more professionals than ever before. It also guarantees a greater inflow of visitors.

Our polls speak in favor of this decision. 47% of the Mebel visitors and 30% of the Consumexpo visitors showed their interest in products of the other show.

The Exhibition is held under the auspices
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

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